23 de febrero de 2009

Hugh Jackman es todos

Sip, hemos de confesar que somos las guionistas de la gala de los oscars. Nuestro lema "Todos somos Hugh Jackman-Hugh Jackman es todos" quedo clarito en el opening de la gala de Los Oscars.

La song empieza sobre el minuto 2.

Si a alguien le queda alguna duda aquí está la letra:

Just a humble slumdog
Sitting in the chair
Of The Millionaire.
What would I be holding in the end?
What's my final answer?
Isn’t written there
Do I really care?
I’m only here so I could phone a friend. (Hi Sarah Jessica)
And if I tought that I could find equivalence (Hi Kate)
I would swim a sea of human excrement
And how to begin my story with this sentiment?
This Slumdog Millionaire just needs some Milk.
I’m talking about M - I - L and a K.
I’m talking about milk.(Harvey Milk)
I’m saying its alright to be gay.
I’m Harvey Milk.
I’m recruiting all the people across the USA.
I’m talking about Harvey in the griddle.
Milk in the middle.
Give me just a little.
Just a little.
Give me just a little. (Laidies and gentlemen, the Craigslist dancers)
How come comic book movies never get nominated?
How can a billion dollars be unsophisticated?
Everyone went to see The Dark Knight.
What am I doing to think it's not right?
Is it my cape ***** proof tights?
Maybe if I age backwards.
When I was four my back was soar and I had pubic hair.
I’m aging in reverse but no one seems to be aware.
You’d think the goverment would replicate my DNA.
Somebody notify the press before I fade away.
Does anybody think this case most curious?
(All right, I need some help with this one, Annie.)
(Annie come here, give me a hand)
(You just trust me)
(Relax, Relax, OK, sit there, trust me, by the way, you look gourgeous)
Why didn’t you burned the tapes?
(I don't Know what I supposed to say here)
18 minutes all erased.
(I mean, it's an honor I just would've loved the heads up)
Americans deserve an apology.
Frank Langella was sitting right next to me.
Stop your lies right now and tell the truth.
(Do you really wanna do this, Jackman?)
It’s Frost.
Confess to me.
Why can’t you let this be?
Give me my dignity.
Look what you’ve done to me.
You’re a worthy adversary.
Why is your upper lip so sweaty?
(Is it?)
(Yes, but I like it)
Mister Frost, I think I love you.
Oh, Nixon.
You know I love you too. (Anne Hathaway, thank you)
The Reader.
I haven’t seen The Reader.
I was going to see it later but I fell behind.
My Batmovil took longer than I thought to design.
The Reader.
I know I need to see The Reader.
I went down to the theater but there was a line
Of all the people watching Ironman a second time.
I am a wrestler.
I am alone.
My role is outcast.
My heart is bypass.
And yet, I have grown.
From a slumdog with nothing.
I build my button.
And I ironed all my men and Frosted my Nixon.
Cause I am Hugh Jackman!
And I've waited so long.
And no recession
Can stop my confession
Or silence my song.
This are the Oscars!
And this is my dream!
I am a slumdog!
I am a wrestler!
I’ll rent The Reader!
I’m Wolverine!

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